Top 10: What you were reading in 2016

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Welcome back to Equiteq Edge. A new year brings new opportunities for a fresh start. So, as you return to work after an indulgent festive break, we thought we’d provide a quick summary of some of the important things we’ve learnt over the course of 2016 – and that you can apply in the year ahead.

Here’s a list of the most read blogs of 2016.

  1. Sales and profit growth (Part 1): We discussed the importance of revenue and profit, how much marketing you should do and whether an earn out is a given.
  1. Sales and profit growth (Part 2): We covered client concentration, minimum revenue levels and new revenue models in the second part of our sales and profit special.
  1. Does your consultancy have a real value proposition?: Your consultancy’s value proposition is an essential part of its success.
  1. Why equity incentivizing your senior team can improve equity value: Awarding shares (or options) to the right people in the right proportions is one of the most powerful tools at the founding shareholders’ disposal.
  1. Nurturing client relationships to support equity value growth: Client relationships are at the heart of a consultancy’s growth, but they are not all created equal.

  1. 10 critical success factors for earn-outs: Part 1: Ninety per cent of deals involving consulting businesses will have a structure which includes some sort of deferred payment, with most taking the form of an earn-out. You can also read part two.
  1. How strategically attractive is your consultancy to potential buyers?: Different buyers place different emphasis on the range of factors that contribute to a consulting firm’s appeal.
  1. Hot demand for big data and analytics consultancies: Customer data capture and interpretation is driving the demand for consulting firms that operate in this sector.
  1. Are you ready to sell? How to build buyer confidence: Buyers don’t like any surprises during the sales process.
  1. M&A activity appetite in the IT consulting sector: Our global research found deal volumes in this sector were just short of a ten year high.

We hope you find this recap useful – if there are particular topics you’d like us to cover over the year ahead, do get in touch. We’re always interested to hear from our community and would also be happy to discuss your plans if you are preparing to sell your consulting firm this year.

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