Equiteq’s Consulting Sector M&A Deals: September 2017

  • EOH acquires AFON Pte Ltd.
  • GNC Group merges with Grant Thornton Australia
  • Investit joins Accenture
  • Certeco merges with P2 Consulting

“We are seeing an increasing trend of well-managed consulting firms joining the practice of a larger group to deliver a joint growth strategy. Over the past month, the deals Equiteq has completed highlight this growing trend.”

Pierre Briand, Managing Director, Head of M&A and Strategic Advisory, Australia – New Zealand, Equiteq

EOH acquires AFON Pte Ltd.
Deal Size: Undisclosed Industry: IT services Date: September 13 2017 

Equiteq advised EOH, Africa’s largest technology and services provider, on its acquisition of AFON Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based IT services firm specializing in the delivery of ERP solutions.

Established in 1999, AFON Pte provides enterprise resource planning solutions to SMEs, based on a select group of platforms from partners such as SAP and Microsoft. AFON Pte’s offering is a combination of end-to-end ERP solutions to help SMEs boost efficiency, visibility and control, and advisory services by qualified accountants and IT professionals for successful ERP implementation.

For EOH, the deal signifies the company’s intention to expand its global presence into South-East Asia and builds on its international presence in over 50 countries.

EOH’s global technology service offering is anchored in market-driven insights and industry-specific solutions which is best secured by understanding their clients’ culture. Expanding its global presence into South-East Asia with the acquisition of AFON Pte EOH has established an important bridgehead in the region and remains closely connected to the communities it seeks to serve.

GNC Group Consulting merges with Grant Thornton Australia
Deal Size: Undisclosed Industry: Management consulting Date: September 1 2017

Melbourne-based GNC Group, a retail and consumer product focused management consulting firm has completed its merger with professional services firm Grant Thornton Australia.

With a growing team of 55 and recently opened offices in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur, the merger represents GNC Group’s continued growth and expansion in Australia and South-East Asia. Advised by Equiteq, GNC Group is set to form a significant part of Grant Thornton’s Growth Advisory Practice.

The merger demonstrates Grant Thornton’s continued commitment to expand its growth advisory business and provide clients with even greater expertise and advice.

Research and benchmarking consultancy Investit joins Accenture
Deal Size: Undisclosed Industry: Financial services consulting Date: September 1 2017

Accenture has acquired the business of Investit, a research and benchmarking consultancy, to join its global asset management industry practice. The Investit offering was brought in to Accenture to help investment management institutions benchmark, analyze and improve the performance of their business processes to drive profitability and competitiveness.

Established in 1998 in the UK, Equiteq client Investit delivers benchmarking and practical research to support investment management firms in making informed strategic decisions. Investit will be incorporated into Accenture’s asset management practice to address key business issues, including client and product management, intelligent automation, big data, cyber security and analytics for portfolio management, distribution and operations.

Investit chief executive Catherine Doherty and her team of industry specialists will join Accenture’s asset management practice to form the new service offering. As part of Accenture, Investit will be able to scale up to provide their services for asset managers across Europe, North America and Asia.

The acquisition marks Accenture’s initiative to expand its asset management consulting and technology capabilities to help global investment managers, institutional investors and asset servicers improve competitiveness and profitability.

Certeco merges with P2 Consulting
Deal size: Undisclosed Industry: Business change consulting Date: September 26 2017

Equiteq’s client, Certeco, one of the UK’s largest independent business change consultancies, has merged with P2 Consulting, the leading project and programme management consultancy, to form one of the largest specialist management consultancies in the UK.

Certeco provides specialist consultancy services to corporates in industries like banking, insurance, public sector, education and media, focusing on bringing certainty to business change programmes and helping clients with business restructuring, regulation and digital change.

The combined entity will provide a much broader range of consultancy services to the market and become a real contender to the larger consultancies.  With a synergistic service offering, the combined business is expected to more rapidly accelerate to achieve the strategic objectives of both parties.

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