Insights of the Year – Our Top 10 Blogs of 2017

2017 was a busy year for Equiteq, closing deals and advising consulting firm owners on their growth and exit strategies across Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. Within our market there are unique takeaways and insights for owners to consider when thinking about a sale.

As owners and acquirers set their 2018 priorities, we recap the learnings from Equiteq’s most read blogs of 2017.

  1. Should I sell my consulting firm to an overseas buyer?

Here we discuss the opportunities overseas buyers present, how to attract them and how to deal with the challenges these approaches can bring.

  1. Due diligence preparation is vital – here’s what to expect and the key areas of investigation

In this blog, we look at the importance of a smooth due diligence process as it underpins every successful deal, providing comfort to the potential acquirer and helping the vendor agree a better set of share purchase agreement warranties and indemnities.

  1. Private equity firms demonstrate strong demand for consulting businesses

Increasingly, private equity (PE) providers are enthusiastic investors in knowledge intensive business services. Here we explore investments from the largest global buyout firms which are re-affirming PE’s keen interest in this space.

  1. A practical guide to improving margins

We answer questions from consulting business owners on how to improve margins in a sustainable way, including how to decide which service lines to select and drop and how to translate closing larger deals into expected profits.

  1. Key considerations when designing incentive schemes to support exit success

We explore the ways in which knowledge-intensive services firms can achieve faster growth and reduce founder dependency through diversifying management roles and smart succession planning.

  1. How to put margins at the center of your business

In this blog, we answer questions from owners of knowledge intensive services firms on the steps they need to take to improve margins, including how to drive margin from long-term contract clients and how to encourage senior staff to delegate.

  1. Five things every consulting firm must know to thrive in Asia-Pacific

Our CEO David Jorgenson sat down with our Asia-Pacific MD, Jean-Louis Michelet and Professor Kevyn Yong, Dean of ESSEC Asia-Pacific, to offer advice to B2B services firm owners in the region who are experiencing rapid change and a surge in secondary and services sector activities.

  1. Six steps to successful leadership succession

Equiteq’s Penny de Valk explores six critical steps that reduce the risk of founders transitioning from the operational side of the business while enabling their unique skills and experience to add continued value.

  1. Global interest in the Asia-Pacific service sector is set to drive a new wave of M&A activity

In an analysis of the B2B services sector in the Asia-Pacific region, this blog highlights the way economic development, globalization and technological advancements, are increasing corporate Asia’s appreciation of the important role services firms play in implementing change.

  1. How to handle an approach from a buyer – ‘bid defence’

Equiteq Managing Director Bruce Ramsay answers questions about how to handle an approach from a buyer and what to do to maximize the opportunity from such an approach.

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