Knowledge Economy M&A In 2021 To Set New Records?

Next year is shaping up to be a very strong year for M&A activity in the Knowledge Economy – the most dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial sector in the global economic landscape.

While 2020 will ultimately show a dip in deal flow, the bounce-back has been strong and we expect to enter 2021 with record levels deal activity.

Public market valuations are supportive, and we continue to see unprecedented levels of private capital ready for deployment.

Knowledge Economy Index up over 30% in 2020

Against this positive backdrop, there are multiple trends driving and supporting M&A. We identified these trends in our recent report:

•    The adoption of digital is accelerating  
•    Emerging technologies are being commercialised rapidly  
•    There is a convergence across the sector and delivery models are blending  
•    Private equity participation in the knowledge economy is increasing  
•    Next-generation technology platforms are emerging  
•    Vertical software solutions are playing an increasing role  
•    Buyers are returning to nearshore locations for access to new skills  
•    Shareholders are aligning expectations and addressing structural risks

To see more, join us for our webinar in late January – click here to register and download the report

Equiteq Global Buyers Report – 2021

We just published our flagship Global Buyers report, which provides lots of insights into how buyers will approach M&A as we enter next year – download for free here.

Based on input from around 100 strategic and financial buyers, the report provides another clear data point on the strength of the M&A market in the Knowledge Economy, on top of what is shaping up to be a very strong Q4 this year.