Equiteq prepares for sale and sells consulting firms, it’s all we do

Wherever you are on your journey to a sale or exit destination, whether 5 years from your goal, or 5 months, we want to be your partner, because growing equity value and achieving exceptional valuations in consulting firms is a specialism we provide and this pays back in premium results to you and your fellow shareholders.

Are you thinking longer term, or right now?

Selling now

You may have already been approached by a buyer or investor, or want to launch a planned process that will complete successfully and swiftly, delivering on a range of critical needs, from finding the right buyer for the business, at the best possible value, deal structure, earn-out and exit terms.

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Selling in the future?

If you have a longer run up to your shareholder objectives, it is a great opportunity to get things right. Earlier in the journey this often means scaling through glass ceilings, while also designing the business to be sellable and valuable. If you’re later in the journey, you will be concerned about your likely market positioning and valuation, being well informed on options available and mitigating risks before going into a sale process.

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Equiteq Edge

Join Equiteq Edge, our free source of information, advice and insight to help you prepare for sale and sell your consulting firm. Equiteq Edge gives you access to the findings of unique research conducted amongst buyers of consulting firms from around the world, insight from those who have sold their consulting firms and expert advice. Join Equiteq Edge at www.equiteq.com/equiteq-edge

If you would like a confidential conversation, or to address questions specific to you, then please email us at info@equiteq.com.

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