The power of momentum – Ensuring the summer break does not leave a big dip in your BD activities


This week we have a guest blog from Lars Tewes, Managing Director, SBR Consulting. As a sales performance consultancy, SBR Consulting work closely with Partners and Directors to “liberate the sales potential” within their practices. Contact Lars with your sales challenges and questions at

For many, the summer is a wonderful time to enjoy a much needed annual break, however it can have one potentially adverse knock-on effect which, if you are not careful, can put you back a quarter – loss of business development (BD) momentum.

In your sales journey with each prospect it may have felt that at least one person you’ve been looking to sell to has been away for the past couple of months and so, frustratingly, closing business has taken longer. Also, we know that the longer decisions take to be made, the greater the chance that, for whatever reason, they never happen. Therefore, September is a crucial month to regain the momentum around activity and accountability. If this is not addressed, 10-30% of your firm’s revenue may not happen in 2016, if at all – a huge dent in the bottom line.

Bigger consultancies are just as at risk of this as smaller ones. Sector BD leads having been on vacation can make a big impact on the new business coming through if they don’t make BD a priority upon their return. And while large consultancies have more people working on BD, they also have correspondingly larger targets to hit. So it’s important for the firm’s BD leads to hit the ground running on return from leave.

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